About us

We thrive for Awareness, Truth and Ethics

We are a team of like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds (life sciences, education, healthcare).  Each of us, at some point, had to make very hard choices and endured great losses in order to follow our conscience. We are independent from any organization, or political party; we march to our own personal beat. Along the way, we have observed a gradual decrease in awareness, in personal knowledge, in critical thinking from our entourage. Particularly in the workplace. Nowadays, when most are seemingly ready to fall for anything, only a minority is standing tall, verifying, putting our morals and ethics in check.

Science emerged from natural human curiosity, this quest for new knowledge, the pursuit of unbiased truth. Unfortunately, trough industrialization and mundialization eras, science has evolved to become a tool towards financial gain, a justification tool for wrongdoings. Yet science kept this shiny robe of credibility, of goodness. Modern western society entertains a cult-like belief in the goodness of science, forgetting that any science is as good as the person behind it, or using it. As new studies on behaviors, on potential therapies or on health issues come out everyday, the pursuit of the Truth must be the ultimate goal for believers in real good science. In times of crisis, compassion, selflessness and courage  are of value perhaps even more so than science. Attachment to personal hypothesis, perspectives, or gain must be put aside to be replaced by honesty and sincere introspection. Thinking and questioning is an ethical  behavior preventing irreparable errors, harm, and damages.

Public exchange of diverse opinions is necessary when seeking the least damaging path. Respectful public debate is even more necessary when it is about the measures imposed on the population, affecting the body, health and rights of the citizens. We absolutely need to be open and receptive, in order to learn from our collective experience. 

Minority Check thrives to raise ourselves for awareness of Truth and Ethics, during our personal journey through  life.  We have learned a lot, we are still learning and now we would like you to join us in this learning endeavor called life.