Letter to clergy or religious leaders

Letter to clergy or religious leaders

How to address a Catholic Priest

How to address a Catholic Priest

Envelope or address block on letter or email:
The Reverend (Full Name), (initials of order)

—-—-The Reverend (full name), (initials of order)
—-—-(Institution or Organization)

————Which looks like:
—————-The Reverend Timothy Saunders, C.S.Sp.
—————-Our Lady Queen of Peace
—————-1234 South 19th Street
—————-Arlington, VA 67890

—-Letter salutation:
—-—-Dear Father (Surname):

—-—-Father (Surname)

Note: Not every priest will always include post-nominals for their order after their name, but if they provide it, use it in formal written address.

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Template letter

To: Influential clergy member ex; your priest e-mail

CC: Any other influential clergy member you wish to include ex.: Arch diocese e-mail

Subject: Covid-vaxxination and coronavirus response

Dear father (Surname),

I write to you as I find myself grieving the trust I once had in the Holy Catholic church, in the wake of the sanitary crisis. On January 10, 2022, the Washington Post [1]  reported that Pope Francis is advocating for widespread vaccination against COVID-19 and condemns what he believes to be disinformation complicating the global coronavirus response. From this papal stance, Catholic churches find themselves, in my view, complying the rules of man instead of those of God.

I am hereby sharing with you my personal experience in this unfortunate Covid-19 crisis.

[Describe your personal experience with the mandates, lockdown, briefly explain how you coped with the situation, how this made you feel, and how it affected your faith.]

Furthermore, the Omicron variant hit us this winter as would the hand of God sweeping through the world. This highly infectious yet mild form of the virus infected and thus immunized a large section of the population. It was instrumental in showing us all that anti-covid injections do not prevent infection nor transmission. Moreover, their effectiveness in preventing serious forms of this infection is now being questioned.  Surely God works in mysterious ways… Why is that the catholic church still complying with the measures?

I write as we are entering the Lenten period of our Christian faith. This period of fasting and of soul searching is allowing me, with all due respect, to question the papal position and the compliance of parishes. Since it is most difficult to address these questions directly to the papal ear, I will submit them to yours.

  • What are the underlying assumptions on which the papal opinion is based? What studies, reports or other documentation, statistical data and other evidence were used to support the papal stance? How was this data and evidence used and applied on the balance of the different moral cornerstones of our church?
  • Many suicides already took place or are pending due to the economic shutdown, the vaccine mandates forcing devout parishioners into unemployment, bankruptcy, and poverty. How is the church addressing this issue?
  • These mandates, church closures and isolation dragging for weeks on ends have led some vulnerable members into temptation with rise in depression, anxiety, alcoholism, other addictions, and drug overdoses. Many will meet their demise in these sad circumstances, being denied the strength of their community. How is the church addressing these issues?
  • Did the church consider how these mandates, church closures put the parish in mortal moral danger, when many people will develop psychiatric disorders caused by being confined to their homes thus the removal of the many social interactions without their usual income and social connections?
  • What about our seniors?  The seriously ill? What is happening to those refusing the inoculations? Does the church now condones the death in isolation without receiving the anointing of the sick? How many will die at home, or in the hospital alone? Are we now giving more importance to the Body than to the Soul?
  • What will happen to the church when those who complied with the mandates, who received the inoculations, realize that it was a huge health as well as an ethical mistake and that their church did not provide them with the proper guidance and protection? Worst, what will happen when they realize that their church participated in their demise by not doing their own independent due diligence?
  • What was the Church position during past pandemics [2] ex. Great Plagues 1665-1885, 1-6 Cholera Pandemics 1817-1923, Russian, Spanish Flue 1889-1919?

I am therefore wondering if the Pope and the compliant clergy are unfortunately plagued with the same lack of scientific background as the regular population in all matters regarding the Covid-19 sanitary crisis. You are most certainly aware that blind trust is a privilege which must only be given to God, Jesus-Christ, and the Holy Spirit. However, by the look of things, it seems like the clergy is blindly trusting Government- Media and Big Pharma.

My firsthand observations of the questionable position of compliance from the clergy regarding the experimental Covid-vaxxines, their mandates and the global coronavirus response encouraged by the Pope leaves me with several concerns, mainly:

Churches are no longer sanctuaries and safe heaven for the persecuted as they have been for centuries.  

Churches are not promoting the God given immunity and falling pray to division schemes.

Churches are not defending the God given freedom of their members.

We are born free. As beloved children of God, our freedom come from Him, not from any other person or government. Looking at all the pain and suffering resulting from the covid-vaxxines, and their mandates, it certainly seems like their moral and ethical soundness were not properly evaluated [3]. Those maimed innocent victims of these experimental inoculations cannot be ignored and their resemblance to the bleeding of innocent sheep is uncanny.

Furthermore, the unnatural ways of the coronavirus response must not be cast aside, having all the markings of Obedient rituals to ungodly actions. At the very least, local parishes need to question the scientific and moral soundness of the covid-vaccination and lockdowns for their detrimental and highly negative impact it had on many of its vulnerable members. Sending many on the brink of despair, shaking their faith to the core, and bringing divide into the community. Yes, the Church itself is being divided in a time where it cannot afford to. If this division settles in the already fragilized Catholic church, further damages can be irreparable. 

It is imperative to breach the divide, and to rally all members around the common ground: the Truth. Throughout the existence of the Catholic church, when it faced serious crises, sometimes with doctrinal matters, sometimes with moral or even political matters, and sometimes with discerning the church’s relation to the world, different councils were called on.   The councils determined much of what the Catholic Church is and believes. Additionally, many councils impacted believers in other Christian traditions and even in other faiths. The complexity of the Covid-19 sanitary crisis makes it a good candidate to call for a council; the Church cannot afford to blindly take on or follow the narrative of the world, of Man. The Church must look for the Truth.

As the shepherd leading your flock in its spiritual journey, the Truth must be your main priority.  I am therefore requesting you to initiate this quest the Truth, as we are now in the Lenten period. I humbly request for your education on all matters related to the Covid-19 crisis, away from media, government, or pharma-based information. Call on independent subject matter experts if needed [4]. Through this quest for the Truth, hopefully you will come to revisit your initial perspective and take a strong position against these experimental “vaccines’’[5]  and the coronavirus response. I call on you to then share your newly acquired knowledge of the covid truth with your congregation and to bridge the divide. I also request the church  to join the many Christian churches that decided to challenge the sanitary measures. If the quest for Truth is not initiated and followed through, me, and other members of the congregation with similar concerns [6] will be left in a non-sustainable conscience dissonance with the Catholic church. Therefore, it is my humble opinion that, if these different requests are not respected, the church will die of a slow death [7] … without resurrection.

*A response will be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from you about all the issues and concerns outlined above. I hope reconciliation will emerge in this important period of soul searching.

Dear Father (Surname) thank you for your time and considering my request.

Yours sincerely,

Your name


*I you are in a country where medical apartheid is prevalent, where opposition is punishable, (Canada, Australia, France) and if you fear reprisal from your parish and government for your dissent: You can sign anonymously ;

Ex.:    I look forward to seeing signs that my issues and concerns outlined above are addressed through the church’s various communications.  I really hope reconciliation will emerge in this important period of soul searching.

Dear Father (Surname) thank you for your time and considering my request.

Yours sincerely,

Your concerned parishioner.

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