1. Build your resource folder
    1. Save every downloaded document from this lesson into the folder prepared at the beginning of this course.
  1. Pharmacovigilance efficacy: If you were injected with one of the vaccine candidate, ask yourself ( or someone who did):
    1. How was the experience? Before the injection, have you been told about the risk?
    2. How long did you stay in observation?
    3. Any information, resources were given in case of adverse events?
    4. Did you receive any follow up calls?
    5. Did you experience any adverse event? Was it reported? If not, would you know how or where to report?
  2. Know your experts; take a glimpse at the experience of individuals that usually own the media platform ax authority or government figure, as well as any expert encouraging mass vaccination.
    1. Research your most vocal politician (Education, professional background, experience).
    2. When watching the news, if an expert is called in support of a view or to give a specific advice, take a moment to research the expert ( field of expertise, professional experience and education). Try to detect any potential affiliation they may have ex. working for the government.
    3. Pay attention; when a decision is promoted in the media and justified by expert approval, is the expert identified? Who is the expert?
  1. Repeat lesson 1 general homework for each lesson

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