Homework lesson 1


  • Thought of this segment ” knowledge is power”
  • Listen to this recapitulation of the immune system
  • If you want to learn more about the human body, watch this video
  • How do you feel about this knowledge refreshment?
  • Do some content verification. Using immunology key words ex: T cell immune response, immunity first line of defense or any relevant words that comes to your mind, do some web search using two different search engines (Google, DuckDuckgo)
  • As you get more knowledge through this process, you will start feeling more like an adult instead of a child blinded by ” need to know ” from external sources. You will start to decide what you need to know, and learn how to find and digest the required information.
  • Clear your mind from anxiety.  Do some breathing exercises.
  • Do the regular baseline homework from the Introduction
  • Laugh, learn, walk, relax.