Lesson 3: Trust the trustworthy

Trust yourself; you know more than you think you do

Benjamin Spock

Blind trust is called faith… mostly seen in religious/spiritual settings. The recipient of faith usually is a godly figure. The godly figure (God, Buddha, Allah etc.) is worthy of the faith due to its benevolent statute, its selflessness and historical goal being your wellness and your growth (spiritual and emotional).

For any other figure (authority, parental, friendship, sentimental, clerical, scientific), trust is mostly earned; it is given when the object of this noble sentiment has shown time and time again its worthiness. Trust is well deserved when past behavior has shown honesty, honor, love, transparency,  ethics, etc. In order to give trust, one has to take a little ride in memory lane and take a close look at the object of the trust; question how well you know them and analyze their actions. One ask has to ask oneself: I am blindly trusting? And one should only trust the trustworthy.