Mid-way homework and discussion

  1. Do an efficient web search to answer these two questions: Who is Albert Bourla? Who is Dr. John  Ioannidis?
  2. Are we in a situation where history is repeating itself? Watch this video about the swine flu vaccine rollout.
  3. To ramp up immunization using vaccine candidates, several means and incentives were used, ranging from doughnuts to million dollar lottery. What is your opinion on this practice? 
  4. Read this article on the subject, AAPS asks: are vaccine incentives unethical? Think it through.
  5. As previously seen in the section ”Web search using efficient key words”, The Drugbank database is a very useful tool to find information about any medication or drug that is on the market. Verify the vaccines candidate using the database. Enter in the search engine: Moderna Covid-19 vaccine, Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, Astra-Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine; Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine, Others ex. Company X Covid-19 vaccine. Pay a special attention to the type and group section when viewing the result page. Compare with the amount of information available when the search was about any of regular drugs or any of the drugs used for the treatment of Covid-19 infection.
  6. Stay disconnected from mass media or the news channels.
  7. Pay a visit to an old friend or relative.
  8. Reconnect with yourself and your surroundings
  9. Lower your stress level; meditate, take leisure walks, count your blessings.


You have completed the first half of the course. Now you have enough knowledge to sustain a conversation geared with facts and pertinent baseline knowledge. One goal of the the course Cov-awareness vs Cov-friction is for the participants to be able to cast emotions aside and exchange different views with openness, kindness and mostly with respect of the diverging opinion. It is sometimes easier to be honest and true to yourself with total strangers than with your entourage for many reasons. Therefore, from now to the end of this course, you are invited to participate in forums, as part of the second half of the course. Different topics of discussions will be presented, you can also discuss anything from the beginning up to the reached lesson’s forum.

Participate in the discussions below;

Q & exchanges
We also learn through others. Share questions that come to your mind and, through the resulting exchange, a fruitfull learning experience can be created. We encourage you to participate in …
Opine on current lesson topics including or using your knowledge from previous lessons, comment on your takeaway,  exchange views in a safe and respectful setting. We encourage you to participate …
Visualizing your cells
Remember the cell, remember the SARS-Cov-2 virus’s way of infecting the cell. Close your eyes and try to imagine the production of the spike protein in your  cells.  Discuss different …

brown wooden blocks on white surface

The second part of the course is being finalized and will be available soon…

You may consider stopping the course at this stage. Understandably so, since it does require a good amount of time investment. But that would be unfortunate; you are almost at the finish line! Further more, the second part of the course contains valuable information: statistics, how to calculate your personal risk-benefit ratio, your decision process weather to be vaccinated against cov-19, how to prepare a game plan in respect to this final decision to name a few. The goal is to put an end to the polarization and to eventually be able to have these awkward and difficult conversations with the loved ones in your life, with respect, compassion, understanding and acceptance. Non-violent and open communication is a quite powerful tool against divide.

We hope you gained some sense of empowerment and enjoyed the course so far. Perhaps you will continue walking with us towards Cov-awareness. If not, you can support us in our awareness mission through an encouraging donation.

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