I Cov-vaxxed because

Reality is the sum of all different perspectives. Although important, crucial issues (such as religions) have many different angles, reflecting the complexity of human reality, we can observe the absence of a diverse perspective in the coverage of the Copvid-19 in the mainstream media. The mainstream media consuming public only has a unique view of this ever so important issue. One must actively look for scientific and health professional debate, as if they were non-existent. Any opposing opinion is suppressed, to ‘’ protect’’ the public from its lack of knowledge. People must not think for themselves; they might make the wrong decision.

The media makes it sound like everyone that decided to be Cov-vaxxed were very enthusiastic about their decision. The media is also promoting mandates as being accepted by the vast majority. But is it true? Does it reflect reality?

You were first in line for the Cov-vaccines. You felt you were protecting public health. You felt you were doing the right thing; that you did your part. Now you agree that they must be mandated. Now you are loosing patience towards these not-Cov-vaccinated individuals. They are irresponsible, selfish and they are the reason we are still in this Covid-19 hellhole. True or false?

When you made the decision to cov-vax, did you give it a second thought? Where did you get your knowledge, the information that led you to this decision? Were you coerced? Are you happy about your decision? Do you have any regrets? In your opinion, how ethical are these mandate? Are you participating in a worldwide Milgram experiment, blindly following authority and coercing others to take a risk they don’t want to take? Share your Cov-vaxxed reality; tell us your Cov-vaxxed story.