I am not-Covvaxxed

I am not-Covvaxxed

Whether we are not-Covvaxxed, Covvaxxed, vaccine injured, woke, awake, asleep, we all went through a difficult period the past year and a half. We witnessed the sickness of our loved ones; we rejoiced in their recovery and felt the sorrow of their passing. We are teachers, nurses, students, doctors, technicians, professionals, etc. Name calling of others such as ‘’Conspirationist’’ or ‘’anti vax’’, ‘’woke’’, ‘’vaccine hesitant’’ is the first step to dangerous intolerance. Vaccine mandate for vaccines that are still in clinical trials is more than a slippery slope; it is an abyss. An abyss in which we may fall, without issue. if we don’t fight the dehumanizing and demonizing created by fearmongering from the media.

Not-Covvaxxed? You are now probably facing losing your job and livelihood, social pressure, segregation, name calling and loneliness. Are you experiencing this new form of discrimination (medical discrimination) in addition to other types of discriminations you were already dealing with daily? Share your humane story. How did you live through the pandemic? Tell us about you, your fear (s), your family life, your education. Explain the thought process leading to your final decision and how this is now affecting your life. Let us never forget that behind every not-Covvaxxinated individual, there is a human being.

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Oct 20, 2021 I AM NOT A GUINEA PIG, D.S.

Why I don’t want to Cov-vaxxinate

  1. No liability from the drug company,
  2. I do not want my body to be used as a spike protein production facility

My Story

Only one word: Instinct.

My Body instinctively tell me not to.

Nature never fails.

I’m here to learn from her: Listen.

Oct 11, 2021 HAVE A HEART, N. N. Quebec, Canada
  1. Why I don’t want to Cov-vaxxinate
    The Cov- vaccines are still in experimental stages,
  2. No liability from the drug company,
  3. I do not want my body to be used as a spike protein production facility,
  4. Living with particular medical issues or condition,
  5. I am allergy prone,
  6. I experienced (or witnessed) serious adverse events from the cov-vaccines,
  7. The bulling, censorship, ostracizing, threatening, of those diverging or opposing the cov-vaccination

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  • Title: Have a heart
  • I am a not-covvaxxed and I a getting quite depressed. I don’t know were all this is going. In the beginning of the Covid -19 situation, I was very scared of the virus. I am part of the vulnerable people because of cardiac issues. I was sure that if ever I get sick from it, I would die for sure. That fear was so consuming, that I was afraid to go outside. Then, people close to me had the disease, and that was the scariest part because I was so afraid for them. What scared me the most is that they were sent home with no follow-up as if they were left to go home and die.  Some were vulnerable, but they pulled through. It made me realise that the disease itself was not deadly. What was deadly was the management of the sick people. If we were not there checking up on our loved ones, I was not sure they would have made it.

I wanted to have a hold on my fear of the disease, so I went and read many scientific articles on the SARS-CoV-2 virus. I came to the realization that a lot was already known about it. The mechanism of infection was known, the attachment site of the virus was known, the entry ways was common knowledge. This reassured me that this was manageable as would be any infection. I was much less afraid, but I was still eagerly hoping for either a treatment protocol or a vaccine.

When the vaccines were made available, I was very sceptical because I knew a thing or two about drug⁄ vaccine development. I knew this would take AT LEAST 5 years de bring a vaccine in the market. The fact that these vaccines were made available through Emergency Use Approval made me very hesitant. Then I read all the information sheet available from the vaccine makers which confirm me in my decision: I will not take these vaccine candidates.  I am far from being a conspirationist; I am an intelligent middle age woman. My brain helped me through my education (post- graduate degree in life sciences), and I used this valuable gift from God to make my informed decision.

I must say now that my fear is transferred from the fear of the virus to the fear of the media and individuals worshiping it, for their distorted portrayal of the not-covvaxxed. We have become scapegoats for everything wrong in the health system. It is disconcerting how the many adverse effects from the vaccine is downplayed. Due to my personal health condition, I am quite sure that I will be seriously injured, loose my fragile health, and die from the vaccine if I am forced to take me. I will absolutely not take it willingly. I don’t understand how people don’t see how the vaccine mandate is an aggression to someone that doesn’t want it, as would be an unsolicited sexual encounter.

I feel much worse now than when the pandemic started. I feel anxious; I would need to go and do fun things, but my province (Quebec) forbids not-covvaxxinated people from nonessential services. I am scared that their next step will be that we will not get health services as well. I am getting very stressed out because I have health issues and I don’t feel comfortable if I would ever (hopefully this won’t happen anytime soon) need emergency care. Our leader basically condoned mistreatments of the not-covvaxxed. We have our fears we have feelings, we are vulnerable, we are people, not menace to society.

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Aug 24, 2021 WHY I AM NOT GETTING VACCINATED, D.B Auckland, New-Zealand

D.B : Resident of Auckland New Zealand and currently completing her PhD thesis.

We Australians are currently being locked in our homes until enough of us volunteer or are forced to take this mRNA emergency vaccine. This is a serious situation, and very frightening as we are seemingly morphing into a fascist state over night. The vaccine might kill you or lead to serious illness but on the other hand we are told, not taking the vaccine may result in you dying or transmitting the virus, both outcomes are extremely unlikely for most of us, but still what to do? Everyone of us needs to be certain that we make the best decision for ourselves and our community, Right? Wrong there is no choice to make as some politician is deciding for you.
These mandated vaccinations are a blight on our freedom and our health. I chose to never smoke, for health reasons. Thats a positive choice I made to protect my own health. My mother decided to get me vaccinated as a child and I’m so glad she did. I’ve added a few vaccinations over the years when I was old enough to decide for myself. At no time we’re my Mother or I forced to vaccinate me. Traditional vaccinations are a no brainer.
Choosing to be vaccinated against Covid19 is not so straight forward, but it is another health choice I should make for myself primarily because doing so is NOT without significant health implications. This is a hill we need to die on as if we lose our society will forever be changed. NOBODY should ever be forced to take this rushed and poorly tested vaccine. And I used the term vaccine loosely.

Here is my reasoning for not taking the Covid19 vaccine at this time. It’s my choice and I’d rather die than surrender this choice.

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Aug 20, 2021 Pleas for Help from Unlawful COVID Shot Mandates

Original article from Liberty council

Pleas for Help from Unlawful COVID Shot Mandates

Liberty Counsel has received thousands of pleas during the last several weeks for help from employees and students who are told they must receive the COVID shot or lose their jobs or educational status. There are already many victories, but requests are still flooding in every day. 

Suzanne, a staff member with Liberty Counsel said, “I just got off the phone with a man who was weeping because he is afraid that he will lose his medical insurance or his job which would cause him to lose medical insurance and his wife has MS. I hung up and cried.” 

Medical professionals who have been on the frontline helping people during COVID are now told they must succumb to this experimental injection. They are now desperate for help. However, many of them have seen the damage caused by these experimental injections. One RN has witnessed six people die from taking COVID shots and is seeing others experience “urinating clots of blood, paresthesia (burning or prickling sensation), gastroparesis (stomach stops processing food), altered mental status, respiratory arrest, cardiac arrests, new onset seizures and new onset diabetes.” She says, “I have patients who can’t walk anymore.”


Employees across the nation are threatened with termination if they don’t submit to the shot mandate. Here are just a few examples of pleas from those health care workers, first responders and business employees: 

“They are requiring 100% vaccine compliance as a term of continued employment with the organization and have given employees the deadline of Sept 19, 2021 to be completely vaccinated. They have been creating a very hostile work environment. PLEASE help us.” 

“I am a nurse practitioner and I was told they had a right to terminate me but if signed an amended contract scrubbing my association with the health system and agree to abide by CDC guidelines while in the office I could stay employed. Now I am suspended without pay until the investigation is complete. HR will not provide information on what the investigation is regarding.” 

“I’m a nurse that belongs to a union that has totally blindsided us. We had no idea this would or could happen.” 

“I applied for a religious exemption and was denied because I don’t meet their criteria, they said to be exempt. I will be put on a 28-day suspension with no pay on September 30th and if I do not comply within the 28 days I will be terminated.” 

“My wife will be fired on Monday. She is part of more than 50 medical workers in a nursing home who declined the jab. They are being forced to sign that they ‘voluntarily’ quit so they can’t get unemployment benefits.”

“I am a firefighter with 26+ years of service. We need your help immediately! My coworkers are caving into the pressure to take this COVID-19 vaccine or be fired. They need a sign of hope. Because the Governor and EMS are mandating some of my co-workers who work at neighboring fire departments will be losing their two incomes.” 

“I am a deputy and I am pleading with you on behalf of the 10k plus employees of the Sheriff’s Department that you would help facilitate in this matter. The vast majority of us are not in favor of this forced vaccination and are in FEAR OF LOSING OUR JOBS.” 

“I am an employee with a company that has made the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory except if you fill out a medical or religious waiver. By the end of this month if you don’t have your vaccination the company is letting employees go on unpaid leave. During this process I have been lied to, discriminated against and humiliated by my employer. I have documented everything and have copies of all my paperwork.” 

“For the last week I have been informed through a series of emails from my employer that my rights and religious freedoms will not be honored nor will I be granted an exemption from their instituted COVID mandates. The last email I received from my employer was purposed on his part to tell me that I must get tested, vaccinated and wear a mask at all times or resign. I have not resigned and I do not feel that I should have to quit my only means to support my family or subject myself to potentially life threatening experimental vaccines and tests that go against my religious beliefs.” 

“They are requiring proof of vaccine to keep my management job by Oct. 1. They will not accept a religious or medical accommodation for my job.   They say you can file for an exemption, but you have to find another job in the company that would not require travel or interactions, because they cannot accommodate due to their requirement. There are no jobs like that. They will be terminating employment by Oct. 1 if you do not comply.” 

“I have worked for this company for 16 years. I have to choose between losing my income, health insurance, life insurance, etc. and quite possibly my life if the vaccination hinders my natural immunity.” 

“I work for a company and they have now mandated everyone get the vaccine or file for a religious/ medical exemption and then submit to weekly testing. I am currently in the final stages of appealing and according to my advocate being approved as a disabled veteran. Two of the conditions I’m fighting are Gulf War Syndrome (because of being forced to get a fully FDA-approved anthrax vaccine) and PTSD. Being forced into getting another vaccine that is not currently fully FDA-approved and that also has no (to the best of my ability to find) research of 10-20-year peer reviewed studies of the effects of an mRNA vaccine. I feel I am being discriminated against as a disabled vet.”


Those who defend America’s freedom are now forced to give up their rights:

An active-duty soldier who signed up to serve on Sept. 11, 2001 will be eligible for retirement with full benefits this fall unless he refuses to take the COVID shot. “For 20 years, we missed birthdays, anniversaries and Christmases. We watched friends die in war. Many of us bled ourselves. After returning, we watched the mental toll take more of our friends through suicide. We have spent 20 years loving our country and putting the lives of our fellow citizens above our own,” Andy says. But now Biden and his vax- pushers are forcing these heroes to risk their lives in a different way—by injecting an experimental drug, the COVID shots.” 

“My husband, prior USMC, recently enlisted into the US Army and he is continually being harassed and threatened to accept the COVID vaccine. They are threatening to take away leave, kick him out, and have currently restricted any of his family from attending his graduation because he is not vaccinated.” 


Students at universities across the country are at risk of not being able to complete their education.  

One nursing student holds sincere religious beliefs that prohibits her from receiving the COVID shot. She opposes the injections because they all used aborted fetal cell lines in the testing phase, and Johnson & Johnson also uses aborted fetal cell lines in the deployment or distribution phase. Her sincerely held religious beliefs prevents her from participating directly or indirectly in abortion or the destruction of human life. The school is threatening to fail her so she cannot complete her clinical work. 

Another nursing student, who attends a faith-based university in the South, has been threatened with expulsion. 

“I am in my second year of medical school, trying to pursue my dream of one day becoming a physician. However, if I do not comply with the new vaccine passport policy proposed by my school, I will be barred from continuing my medical education, of which I am already $200,000 in student loan debt.” 

“I started emailing HR in January about my religious beliefs and asked to talk about a religious exemption to COVID-19 related policies upon our return to work. I was met with statements meant to shut down the conversation such as, I don’t believe there is a religious exemption for that and you must follow all legal directives. I filed a religious discrimination complaint with the district. A few days later the school board voted to terminate me. After I made a religious discrimination complaint they fired me.” 

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “Forcing people to get these shots by threatening their jobs, their education, and your service to the country, is cruel and inhumane. This should never happen in America. No one should have to choose between their job or education and their health and future. In America, there is freedom to choose. Liberty Counsel will fight for these precious people.” 

July 5, 2021 HAD COVID, Not Getting Vaccinated P.K. USA

Original article;

Had COVID, Not Getting Vaccinated

Forcing vaccines on previously infected people goes against science and constitutional freedoms.


It strikes me as extremely odd to behold certain individuals aggressively pushing individuals who had COVID to get vaccinated for a virus they’ve already had.

… So, I was not a COVID skeptic, nor have I ever been an “anti-vaxxer.”

It strikes me as extremely odd to behold certain individuals aggressively pushing individuals who had COVID to get vaccinated for a virus they’ve already had.

Let me go further: I worked in immunology at the University of Pittsburgh from 1987–91 as an employee of Dr. Thomas Starzl’s organ-transplant team. I collected data and did research on the immuno-suppressants and other drugs related to the extremely complicated process of trying to get the human body not to reject a transplanted organ. Those included Cyclosporin, a drug called OKT3, and the miracle drug that saved and revolutionized the entire field of organ transplantation: FK-506.

To make that assertion isn’t something stupidly bull-headed or blindly irrational on my part. The fact is that it strikes me as extremely odd, if not bull-headed and a little blindly irrational, to behold certain individuals aggressively pushing individuals who had COVID to get vaccinated for a virus they’ve already had — that is, a virus they have survived and firmly beaten and now have immunity against.

Why do you need a vaccine for something you’ve already had?

Yes, to be sure, there are diseases or conditions that you can pick up again or that recur (Lyme disease and shingles, to name just two), but typically if you’ve naturally fought and survived a virus, you’re usually protected from getting sick from it again. Your immune system is readied and prepared to knock it down. In fact, that’s what a vaccine does. It injects into your body a form of the virus (often heat-killed or genetically engineered or not “live” or some other form) that readies and prepares your immune system to knock it down — as if you’ve already the virus in your body (which all COVID survivors have had). A vaccine is an artificial alternative or substitute to the real virus; a vaccine is for a person who has not had the real virus. Thus, a person who had the real virus usually doesn’t need the vaccine.

Sure, of course, I’ve heard the argument: A person can (allegedly) get reinfected with COVID. That was being said about this time last summer. That claim always struck me as suspect. All along, I’ve followed the science. And the latest science firmly suggests that if you’ve had COVID, you’re just as protected and unlikely to get sick from the virus again as someone who has been vaccinated for it. It’s common sense: Really, there is simply little reason to assume with certainty that a lab-manufacturing virus would give you greater immunity than the real one you’ve already had.

But beyond common-sense assumptions, there are now studies affirming this in medical and science journals. I cannot summarize them all here, but here are two recent ones that stand out:

new peer-reviewed study published in the journal Nature found that patients who have recovered from COVID develop a long-lasting “robust antigen-specific” immune response that can protect them for years. The study notes that this stands contrary to assertions made last year, which were based on insufficient information or faulty data collection. That’s not a surprise; it was early in the pandemic.

“Last fall, there were reports that antibodies waned quickly after infection with the virus that causes COVID-19, and mainstream media interpreted that to mean that immunity was not long-lived,” says Ali Ellebedy, an associate professor of pathology and immunology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and senior author of the study. “But that’s a misinterpretation of the data. It’s normal for antibody levels to go down after acute infection, but they don’t go down to zero; they plateau.” He added, Here, we found antibody-producing cells in people 11 months after the first symptoms. These cells will live and produce antibodies for the rest of people’s lives. That’s strong evidence for long-lasting immunity.”

Read that again: “These cells will live and produce antibodies for the rest of people’s lives. That’s strong evidence for long-lasting immunity.”

But hadn’t we heard that this wasn’t the case? As Dr. Ellebedy said, yes, we had heard that. But like practically everything involved with COVID-19 (and medical science as a whole), our understanding is in flux and always developing and being reappraised based on new data. Remember, as I noted above, the extremely high initial death rates for COVID. I wrote a piece for the print edition of The American Spectator this time last year noting that the majority of Western European countries were reporting COVID morbidity rates above 10 percent. The figures were frightening. That was why I was so alarmed by COVID — i.e., I was looking at the data. But that data ultimately came way down. The morbidity rate today is far lower than the initial reports, mercifully (the highest estimates in the United States don’t go above 2 percent, which, for the record, is still a high fatality rate, far worse than the seasonal flu). We are now reappraising based on more data and better knowledge. To quote Dr. Anthony Fauci, we’re following the science (and, as I write, the CDC is slow if not late on this newest data regarding immunity among those who have had COVID).

What is true for the death rates also applies for data on COVID survivors and immunity, which likewise must prompt us to adjust accordingly. To that end, here’s another important study:

A major research effort by the Cleveland Clinic, conducted on 52,238 employees — i.e., a huge sample size — flatly concluded that individuals who had COVID do not get additional benefits from vaccination. Dr. Sanchari Sinha Dutta summarizes the study’s findings: “individuals with previous SARS-CoV-2 infection do not get additional benefits from vaccination, indicating that COVID-19 vaccines should be prioritized to individuals without prior infection.” Dutta added that “no significant difference in COVID-19 incidence was observed between previously infected and currently unvaccinated participants, previously infected and currently vaccinated participants, and previously uninfected and currently vaccinated participants.”

Read those words carefully: vaccination gives no additional benefits to those already infected by COVID.

The Cleveland Clinic study is groundbreaking, based on a massive and indisputably statistically significant sample size. It is clearly the most thorough research study to date. Sen. Rand Paul (a physician) has pointed to it, with a clever twist to tweak socially minded liberals: “Great news! Cleveland clinic study of 52,238 employees shows unvaccinated people who have had COVID 19 have no difference in re-infection rate than people who had COVID 19 and who took the vaccine,” Paul said, adding, “This information frees up millions of doses of vaccines for those not yet infected in places with vaccine shortages like India.”

It does indeed. Woke progressives, assuming their hearts indeed bleed for all of humanity, including the poor people of population-packed India, ought to be demanding that our excess and unnecessary vaccine doses be shipped abroad to help needy brothers and sisters overseas.

I’ve cited only two studies here. I could cite others and quote other researchers. Likewise, I could cite studies and researchers to the contrary. There are always differing studies. That said, a major advantage of the two aforementioned studies is that they have the benefit of time. The initial claims in the media this time last year, speculating that a person could get reinfected and sick again from COVID, plainly did not have enough time to support those claims. Truly, only time (and data) would tell.

And yet many Americans, backed or pressured by their employers or schools or whomever or whatever, persist in pushing for everyone to get vaccinated. That’s a form of vaccine hysteria. Of course, I’m not surprised that pharmaceutical companies or the CDC, which thrives on big research bucks bequeathed by taxpayers, would be pushing for mass vaccination. That’s what they do. They belly up to the government trough. In light of the latest research, however, no one, and certainly not the government or private employers or organizations (including schools), should be forcing people who have had COVID to take what are still technically experimental vaccines against their will.

Yes, experimental. The FDA and vaccine manufacturers themselves warn precisely that — namely, that these vaccines are technically still experimental and potentially carry notable side effects (particularly for pregnant women), which vaccine recipients have been reporting by the thousands. An official “Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers” (updated through May 2021) of the Pfizer vaccine states categorically, “The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is a vaccine and may prevent you from getting COVID-19. There is no U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.”

Read that again: “There is no U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.”

Probably most Americans who haven’t had COVID, especially those who are vulnerable with co-morbidities, old age, or obesity, are willing to take the risks and receive the vaccine. I support them totally. That’s a free-will choice that doesn’t violate their conscience or constitutional protections. Had I not contracted COVID, I would be thinking differently about getting vaccinated. But there’s no good reason to believe that I should be forced to take a vaccine that would prevent me from getting sick again better than the natural immunity I already possess.

Let me add a further, crucial point here: young and healthy high-school and college students who had COVID absolutely should not be coerced to submit to forced vaccinations. This is particularly personal to me. College-age kids in my own family have had COVID. And I personally know of college-age kids in my area who received the vaccine and have had horrific side effects. One of them developed myocarditis and then pneumonia after receiving the vaccine. The destruction to her heart was so total that she just this week received a heart transplant, which is a brutal procedure. She will be lucky to live, and her long-term, lifelong prognosis is questionable at best. If that girl was forced to be vaccinated against her will, especially by a school or college, then her parents need to consider suing.

A final point: the COVID vaccines are fully available for free to any and literally every American who wants to receive them and thereby receive their artificial immunity. That’s their choice, too. And with their now-achieved vaccine-induced immunity, there’s no justification for them demanding that others (especially COVID survivors) get a vaccine against their will. They’re protected, and they should leave others alone.

To force Americans who had COVID, or to force any American who did or didn’t have the virus, to inject experimental vaccines into their bodies is a serious violation of civil liberties. It also seems to be proving a violation of common sense and the medical science. There are literally millions out there like me, and if the government or employers try to strong-arm them, there are going to be countless lawsuits. And for good reason.


Excerpt from:


Vaccination, safetyism, and the art of the conservative virtue-signal.

By Adam Ellwanger  |   January 8, 2021

But first, I want to begin by establishing for the reader that I am not a lunatic.

I believe that widespread immunity to COVID would be a good thing, if only to reduce the death rate among elderly people and other groups with special risks. I also believe that COVID would make me quite ill if I got it, although all of the data show that I would almost certainly survive it and make a full recovery. While I am greatly concerned about the willingness of governments across the country to enforce legally-questionable requirements like mask mandates and business closures, I personally don’t have any problem with wearing a mask (except mild annoyance at how it fogs up my glasses). I am happy that an effective vaccine has been developed, and I am proud that (as with so many great scientific breakthroughs) it was largely American ingenuity and drive that produced it. I do not believe that taking the vaccine entails any significant side effects, and I’m not with the crazies who think that Bill Gates is using it as a means to microchip us.

Nevertheless, I will not be getting the vaccine. To me, rejecting the vaccine is an affirmation of reason at a moment when reason is suffering a great deal of abuse.

Regardless of where one sits on America’s political spectrum, the current national mood is defined by anxiety, paranoia, and haste. Whether that concern stems from the Great Reset, the repeal of the Second Amendment, the alleged rise of alt-right, or the silly notion that President Trump will refuse to leave office, people are proposing sweeping legislation and reform with comparatively little rational reflection and deliberation. While the “warp speed” at which the vaccine was developed is laudable, there is no question that it went through an abbreviated approval process. Despite this fact, most medical and government authorities are encouraging rapid, widespread implementation. Resisting the vaccine is one way to pump the brakes on this increasingly hurried form of policy-making, which jumps from one urgent crisis to the next.

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