A reflective looking inwardan examination of one’s own thoughts and feelings

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We have not yet started to mend the pain inflicted to the BIPOCS, that we are ready to cast stones at yet another group of people. This time, it is not based on the color of their skin nor sexual orientation, nor religion; but might as well be. It is based on (a once unquestionably allowed) medical conviction. Now that one’s such conviction departs from today’s mainstream belief. Is it much different from man-made concepts such as race or religion, which were historically used as divide weapons?  People have reasons to be concerned about the Cov-vaccination frenzy, about the resulting absence of open discussion, about the justification of wrongdoing in the name of science or of the greater good.

Before joining the privilege group of those accepting the Cov-vaccination and ostracizing the opposing group it is imperative to do at least a minimal introspection. It is of upmost importance to examine our thoughts, feelings, action by questioning ourselves.

Can these new vaccines be called vaccines?

A preparation of a weakened or killed pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, or of a portion of the pathogen's structure (antigen) that upon administration to an individual stimulates antibody production or cellular immunity against the pathogen but is incapable of causing severe infection.

In the traditional vaccine manufacturing, a big part of the overall process lies the production, then the harvesting of the virus followed by the purification of the selected specific antigen.   The benefits of the new immunostimulant gene-based technologies are money and time for the Pharmaceutical company manufacturing them. With this technology they will save a lot of time and money not having to produce the antigen (spike protein). This will be taken care of by your body. This injection’s main course of action is to genetically highjack some of your cells (without any cell specification), randomly inducing them into the production of the antigen, as a first step. These injections (cov-vaccines) are cellular antigen production inducers: genetic therapy, genetic therapeutics.

Why should we take the Jab again?

By calling these genetic therapeutics ” vaccines” the pharmaceutical companies get a superb “get of a jail free card”; they are not paying the participant for entering the clinical trial, they will not have to pay out of pocket for the monitoring of the second-class participants (first class being those who participated in the official combined phase 1,2,3 trials). The best part is that if anything goes wrong for the injectee, the pharmaceutical companies are not liable under the vaccine shield. All the risk falls upon the shoulders of the participants whereas it is a win-win situation for the pharmaceutical companies.

Everyone else is protected; the pharmaceutical compagnies, the government, the media, those involve in the mass Cov-vaccination process and even the experimental Cov-vaccines are protected.  Who is there to protect the individual? One must really stop and think ” who really benefits from me taking the jab?” Is this fair?

Put on your critical thinking, cap answer candidly. It is time to be honest with yourself (no one is watching):

  • What was or still is your worst fear?
  • How much did that fear and the stress of the past year play into your original views about the SARS-Cov-2 immunization injection? How is your current stress and fear level compared to the start of this learning process? Do you still embrace the same perspective?
  • Now, this one is a hard question; how morally competent are you? How functional is your moral compass? Do you mostly try to do the right thing, or do you usually justify the wrong to make it right?
  • How consistent are you in your conscience, morals, and values? Are they unnegotiable or flexible? Are you binding them whenever the going gets tough?
  • Would you say that you are now more critical of what you read, see, and listen to from the mainstream media?
  • Before the Covid-19 crisis, were you involved in activism or any kind, Black Lives Matter, gay rights, human rights, etc.?
  • Can you reconcile your activist persona with the current discriminatory measures taken against not-Cov-vaccinated individuals?
  • Are you able to conciliate your (past or current) activism with your original decision faced with this general injection rollout and the possible attached passport or mandate? Or are these two different worlds for you?

  • How blindly did you trust authority? 
  • Should you blindly trust authority? Think about your workplace as an example; it is supposed to be a safe place where people exchange their services in exchange for a salary to get their daily bread. How would you describe your workplace administration? Caring, thoughtful, fair, selfless, protective of its people? Or the opposite? 
  • When thinking of the individuals who are part of this workplace administration, would you describe them as morally competent? Would you say that they have a highly functional moral compass and use it? Or the opposite?
  • Why would you assume that higher administration or governments would be better?  
  • Remind yourself that, in a democracy, the government’s role is to serve, and protect, control to protect, not to submit, oppress and discriminate.
  • What was the main reason behind your decision about Cov-vaccination?
  • Was it something that you truly believed was the right for your health or did you go along with most popular position? How did societal and economic aspect influenced your Cov-vaccination medical decision?
  • You are now aware of the symptoms reported in the VAERS. Many of them are considered serious. For some, the injection was deadly. In the previous lesson you listen to different testimonial given by injection injured people. Did anything resonate with you more specifically?
  • Can you truthfully say that you didn’t have or witness any adverse reaction?
  • Did you or someone close to you experience any of them? How serious would you say it was? Did you try to downplay the experience? Did you say that the adverse event meant that the injection was doing its job?
  • Was there a report about the adverse event? If not, explain why you didn’t report.
  • If for some reason you did not report adverse event, can you honestly say that adverse events are rare?
  • Remember your initial view (pro or anti Cov-vaccination). Has anything changed after you took the Cov-awareness vs Cov-Friction course?
  • What was your main source of information before that?
  • Did you consider yourself to be an informed individual before this process, and how adamant you were, in your position?
  • Are you more aware of the actual risk of both the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the injection against it?
  • Did you impose your view on others even when you didn’t know what you know now?
  • Try to imagine how you would feelt if someone became severely injured (or died) from the injection after you very strongly recommend, after you influenced or coerced them to do something they absolutely did not want to do.
  • What made you think that it was acceptable for you or anyone to influence or coerced someone else on a medical decision which may impact their life forever? 
  • Why all these discriminatory measures and segregation against the not-Covvaccinated as if they were super-spreaders when in fact the cov-vaccinated individuals are has likely able to transmit the SARS-Cov-2 infection?
  • Do you feel like you could have an open and respectful discussion with someone of opposite views?  To influence in a place of love, kindness, and compassion, not in a position of fear, power, and pressure. 
  • Only when you can truly and honestly answer the previous questions, can you take the next step; decide what is good for you or anyone else.


Rare is not a scientific statement. Surprisingly, it has been used freely during the covid-19 crisis alongside of ‘’ we believe in science’’ and ” the benefits outweighs the risks”. It has been used to justify the Cov-vaccine rollout; deaths from the Cov-Vaccine candidate are rare. Serious adverse events are rare. Therefore, it is still beneficial to continue with the rollout.  Better yet, let’s make it mandatory. It may look innocent, but the word ‘’ rare’’ is an enormous source of division. For it is subject to individual interpretation.

For some ”rare” is a ratio, for others it is about a number. If one sees it as a ratio, death from the vaccine is rare, since only a small portion of the Cov-vaccinated population experienced it. For others, death from the vaccine is not rare, because the number of people dying post covvaccination is quite high and is regularly increasing. Are they rare or not? Who is right? Which statement should guide the policy makers?

One would think this would have been the first thing to set straight since so many lives would be affected by the resulting policies. Bringing some science into the statement of ‘’ rare’’ is paramount and long overdue. Rare, as it is being used right now, is far from being a scientific statement. It will step into the scientific world when there are no longer grounds for individual interpretation. The only way to bring it into scientific soil is to set it into the transforming path of an actual scientific statement. The first step would be to enable the capture of all events, by creating a simple straightforward and trustworthy mandatory reporting system. Reporting must reflect reality, and not depend on the willingness of the individual tasked with the mandate of reporting.

still a topical issue in 2021

Authentic Science is about limits and standards

”Rare” already has standards and limits, we just need to find them out and bring them to the forefront of the discussion.  Authentic science is all about setting, implementing and respecting limits and standards. Pharmaceutical industry and medical community alike, have used the word ”rare” to define which disease or condition to categorize as orphan; therefore, which disease to focus on or to invest in.

Less than a year into the massive Cov-vaccine roll-out operation Warp Speed in the US, there are already more than 117 000 serious adverse events and more than 16 000 deaths reported to the VAERS database. Which statistical criterion serves to fit serious extreme adverse events or death numbers related to the Cov-vaccination into the ” rare” category? Limits and standards are established to remove any chance of interpretation. It is what it is. Clarification about the word ”rare” as it is currently being used in the Covid-19 crisis is required.  The definition, implementation and respect of some minimal criteria, limits, and standards into this overused word ‘’rare’’ must come about. One must be able to unequivocally determine when an event is rare and when it no longer is. As of today, what is the threshold of ”rare”? When does ”rare” become ”common”?


Translation from the original Dutch article

AUG 17, 2021

De belofte van vrijheid…

The promise of freedom…

Aug 17, 2021

People are planning to take the corona vaccine, not because they are afraid of the virus, but because then “the country can open again”. Perhaps you belong to this group. You are young and healthy, but tired of the measures. You may think: “If I have myself vaccinated, along with as many others as possible, the government will soon have no reason to institute new measures”. This article has been written especially for you.

The cabinet and the partners of the OMT, RIVM and the Health Council have always put freedom as the aim of their vaccination campaign. If only enough people were vaccinated, we could lift all measures. The government pretends that the corona measures are only partially under its control: the impression is created that the measures automatically and inescapably follow the corona situation, just as a high water level automatically follows a lot of precipitation.

But then think back to this summer. Thousands of travelers and festival visitors had themselves tested, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of positive tests. This is to be expected: if you measure an infectious disease in hundreds of thousands of healthy people at a time when this disease is rare, the measurement errors – the false-positive results – quickly add up and even exceed the correctly deviating results (true-positives). .

The government could have explained the increase in positive tests as a logical consequence of the massive testing campaign – the only correct explanation – but instead called it a spike in dangerous infections from a new variant. It immediately ended the festival season, colored the infection cards dark red and started vaccinating young people.

To reach this conclusion, the cabinet, OMT and RIVM had to adopt four ‘absolutes’:

  • They pretended that the positive PCR tests were all correct, while in healthy people in a period when there is little virus, these tests often give a false positive result.
  • They equated the positive PCR tests with infections, as if the travelers and festival visitors all had symptoms of an infectious disease, which was not the case.
  • They suggested that a peak in hospital occupancy was imminent, while the number of corona patients in hospitals fell sharply at that time.
  • They suggested that the peak of positive tests indicated the outbreak of a potentially dangerous variant, while there was no evidence whatsoever that the latest variant caused more serious symptoms.

This summer, in fact, the government had nothing in its hands to justify the measures. But by wrongly assuming the above absolutes, it was able to suggest that the corona situation was worrisome. This was a reversal of the normal course of events: it is normal that there is first a threat to society, followed by government policy. But now started the policy script: the impression was given that the aim was to expand the market for vaccines (inoculation of young people), for which measures were put in place involving mass testing (“Testing for Access”), which was known to have a certain percentage would be positive (logical consequence: a peak in positive tests), which could then be interpreted as an approaching disaster (corona outbreak and imminent overload of hospitals).

The government could conveniently attribute the predicted overload of the hospitals to their new round of measures. However, it is more likely that the people with positive tests were not contagious or sick, or had no corona infection at all because their test results were false positives. It is very likely that even without the measures taken last summer, hospital capacity would not be threatened. After all, this summer’s curves of hospitalizations and deaths are comparable to the curves of 2020, when there were no vaccines yet.

Now think how that will go in the fall. Temperatures are going to drop, giving the well-known seasonal viruses such as RS, Rhino, corona or influenza viruses a greater chance of spreading – as they do every year. Due to the long-term one and a half meter measure, there is a great chance that people have developed a reduced defense against these viruses. The normal flu season starts from October, which means that part of the population will certainly suffer from respiratory and other complaints, probably more than usual.
If the government is willing to take measures if the corona infections are objectively low, how should that not go when a significant part of the population is at home with the flu?

Yes, how will it be in the fall? The difficult thing about Covid-19 is that it is a different kind of threat than, for example, high water. In the latter case, tangible evidence is present in the natural environment, such as overflowing rivers and sandbags on the dikes. With Covid-19, we depend on what the government and the media tell us. This can create all kinds of strange contradictions. The contradiction in the current situation is that there are currently two storylines coexisting, which feels absurd. On the one hand, the same messages appear day after day  that vaccines are absolutely necessary to allow society to return to normal.
On the other hand, there are now also reports that the vaccines apparently do not work enoughand we need new measures , or a new round of booster vaccines.

We are therefore in a transition phase where two storylines run side by side in the daily news. In the existing storyline, the vaccines work almost 100% to prevent a corona infection. In the new storyline, the vaccines do not work well enough, and new measures and ‘booster’ vaccines are needed, even for fully vaccinated people.

We now ask the vaccination doubters to view their decision not from the existing storyline of necessary vaccines, but from the new storyline that is now gradually filling the news channels. A sampling of the coverage:

  • The vaccine will not rid you of the mouth masks. In America, wearing a mouth mask is again recommended in the latest CDC (American RIVM) guideline, also for vaccinated people.
  • You will not be released from testing in case of complaints. The influential American Dr. Fauci  returns to his earlier advice: vaccinated people should also be tested if they have come into contact with an infected person.
  • After vaccination, you will still be treated as a potential source of infection, because the vaccine does not protect enough against virus transmission. The next shot is already ready .

Those who recognize the signs of the new storyline will realize that the promise of freedom if everyone gets vaccinated could turn out to be an empty promise.

Dear vaccination doubter, take these signals into account in your considerations about the pros and cons of vaccination, and make an informed choice.Spread the love

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Together we stand stronger. From fear back to confidence!


This SARS-Cov-2 , Cov-19 infectious disease crisis, in fact, is not a public health crisis. It is a public morality crisis. The issue at hand is not about saving lives, it is about saving the moral compass and ethics.

This crisis is about a raging battle between ultimate Truth and fabricated truth. It is about being able to differentiate one from the other. Most people are totally oblivious to the real Truth, but a good portion of society knows. They either have witnessed, lived,  or participated in one or the other.

It is time for these witnesses  to dig deeper, to do some soul searching to finally express, share their testimony, their  truth regardless of the consequences. 

Adverse events are rare… Really?  Can anyone truthfully accurately say so?  The only way to know is for everybody to tell their truth.  The sum of all individual truths will be the way to differentiate the ultimate truth from the many disguises imposters of the truth have. What is the greater good ? The greater good is the sum of our truth. Individuals, Government, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Medical and Science community. The crisis situation may be unveiling a sinister side of the Government , Media and Pharmaceuticals triad. These entities technically have the obligation to protect the public, which is composed of each and everyone of us without any exception.

Nowadays, a thick shadow of doubt is being casted on the powerful triad. Is there some sinister plot being played out? Who and what is being protected here? Only the TRUTH will shed light on the real play. The truth belongs to the public completed with the medical and scientific community. Additionally, we all share responsibilities towards each other to expose, unmask the imposter, if present.


The government is not your parent and you are no child that needs shielding from truth. Your first responsibility is to inform yourself. Therefore you owe it to yourself and your dependent child-children to take the required searching time to find the information and to educate yourself.

It is your responsibility to listen to your gut feeling and to stand by it.

It is your responsibility to stand up for yourself against coercion, against peer or social pressure.

It is your responsibility to respect diverging opinions, opposing choices. You are not the one that will live the consequences of the other person whom you are influencing, or to whom you are imposing your views on.

Your responsibility is to do what you need to do for your wellbeing, to act according to your conscience, and to allow others to do the same.

Medical and science community

Doctors, nurses, EMT, administrative workers, support staff, etc.

More than ever, it is your responsibility and your duty to tell the truth, to look for the truth. The not-covvaxxed are driving the new infections…. Really? How is this possible? Young people who were asymptomatic throughout the 18 months of a worldwide sanitary crisis are suddenly getting ill from the disease? What did you witness in the past eighteen months? What are you seeing today in your establishment, clinic, or hospital? Are people really dying left and right from being infected by SARS-CoV-2?  Or are you seeing an increase of unexplained sudden offset of illness in previously healthy individuals… Healthy prior to being Cov-vaxxed? Whichever is the case may be, it is your responsibility to give your unbiased and truthful observation. Tell those around you. Tell your loved ones. Tell people who know you, who will believe you. Even if they will not believe you: TELL THE TRUTH.

Is this whistleblower testimony fair representation of your hospital reality? The public may not know, the media may fuel on one narrative over the other, but YOU know. It is time to become courageous and tell the TRUTH.

Your responsibilities

It is your responsibility to make the link if there is a link.

It is your responsibility to remind you where your loyalty should lie; on your patient. 

It is your responsibility to protect your patient, to care for them. To be aware and expose the truth for them.

It is not your responsibility to protect the cov-vaccine if it is doing damage. Protecting society? Protecting a certain way of life? Protecting some criminally negligent, irresponsible, and yet powerful entities? What is your silence really doing?

Adverse events do happen, but they are rare. This is the answer given when there is any mention of all the cov-vaccine risks. This answer desensitizes and disengages the public to the human stories beings those ‘’ rare ‘’ cases by keeping them anonymous and as mere banal statistics. We must not be oblivious to the reality of those “rare cases”. We must not be blind to the fact that these ” rare cases” are left alone, dismissed, and face tremendous losses. ” The winner takes it all” Big Pharma and the losers lose it all (the “rare cases”). Does this seem fair to you?  It is your responsibility to show courage as gatekeepers of the truth, for you are frontline witnesses of it all.

Otherwise, you would be in total denial and breach of the pillars of medical ethics: First do no harm and fairness.




What are you doing? Each and every agency, entities, services that were mandated to protect you, your rights, your health, your financial wellbeing, your precious children are protecting the rollout of a series of experimental Cov-vaccines(injections) instead. And you, instead of uniting in the face of extreme aggression perpetrated against your fellow citizen victimized for not complying, you decide to join in. You decided to forget all about ” No means no” and to replace it by ” Hesitation”. You decide to join in with the segregation, discrimination against those who are holding on with dear life to the last threads of democracy that may be left. Instead of listening, exchanging and trying to understand your brothers and sisters in pain, you decide to stand with the powerful. You decide to forget all those historically courageous and brave who stood up against the powerful to create the life you are now enjoying.

Instead of listening to the warnings of the dissidents voices, you decide to throw caution to the wind. Once upon a time, everybody believed the hearth to be flat and was the center of the universe… Until some some dissent voices uttered the heliocentric theory.

The heliocentric theory was strongly opposed by CatholicProtestant and Jewish religious authorities and by the scientific world. In fact, the work was forbidden by the Church and its defenders were persecuted, imprisoned and some of them were burned at the stake.

It was considered too simple a theory and for many scientists, they had no major advantage over the old theory, nor did they have any observations that could not be explained by both theories. For this reason, more than a century was needed for the definitive acceptance of heliocentrism.

Briceño V., Gabriela. (2019). Heliocentric theory

Copernicus, Galileo, Isaac Newton et al. Many were persecuted for their diverging theories. But their work paved the way to the science we now know. Today, we all know and accept that the hearth is round and that the sun is the center of our universe. What if today’s dissident voices were right? What if they are not being selfish but are fighting the good fight for you? What if they are the only thing standing between you and an unforeseen profound abyss?

How about listening to them? How about doing a minimal research into their perspective? How could you so easily fall pray to age-old divide and conquer tactics? What will it take for you to answer the call to unity? To unite against the powerful? What will it take for you to repair the safety net in which your joined hand are filling the gaping holes left from the protective agencies’ abandonment. Let’s not be blind to the reality of things; if the dissent voices are right, the window of opportunity to save yourself, your wellbeing and your innocent children is narrowing by the minute.


What are you doing? Protecting Big Pharma that already has more protection than it ever needed? Victimizing vulnerable innocent people? Can you still pretend that your actions and policies are serving your people?

Big- Pharma

What can we say?… You know very well what you are doing. You are laughing your way all the way to the bank. It was like taking candy from a baby. You are amongst the BIG-WINNERS of the Covid-19 crisis. Sadly, there is no end to your greed. Although you made stellar benefits, you don’t have any decency and humanity. How much would it cost you to compensate the ”very rare” serious adverse events caused by your emergency released Cov-vaccines? If those events are so ” very rare” it would be the humane thing to do, and the cost would be for you a drop in the sea. Additionally, it would look good in your company portfolio, for your image, it would help greatly in your pretense of goodness. Perhaps everything is now so easy, that you don’t even need to pretend no more.


To all the news anchors, talk show host, journalists out there. Yes you! What is going on? What are you doing? Are you really enticing people against each other? Are you willingly participating in psyops, psywar and propaganda regardless of the dire consequences, the individual pain, the death, the injuries? Are you encouraging bad behavior, false reporting while calling critical thinkers ” conspirationists”? For, there is ground for concerns; it seems like you have decided on a particular narrative and also decided that everybody should follow the path you set forth. If not, they will be discredited, bashed on, and sustain great losses. How can you not feel any remorse, any compassion when you see the pain around you, likely caused by your words?

Maybe you are acting in good faith… If not; where is your professional ethics? Have you lost any sense of morality, have you lost your mind and your soul? How are you able to sleep at night without your conscience slapping you awake? Are you really that oblivious to the pain your unilateral press covering is causing? In case you plan to dwell in your reprehensible behaviors, you should take a moment to reflect on the part media played in the Holocaust as well as in the Rwanda genocide … Unless you chose oblivion and don’t want to acknowledge the dramatic potential of your actions. Perhaps you tell yourself that ” it is for the greater good”.

grayscale photo of human skeleton

Responsibility refresher

Perhaps we are in this predicament because a lot of people are not following their job description: too many are stepping out of their responsibility frame. Therefore, the only way tout of the moral crisis is for everyone to resume their original day job. Experts be expert in your field, stop pretending (when you are no expert). Maybe some individuals need to be reminded and have reality and minority check.

Government! Regulatory agencies! FDA, HHS, CDC, OSHA, . Did you all drop the ball? Protecting vaccine rollout over the safety of workers is not part of any mission statement. Do your job, and protect all citizens, every individuals… Not only the ones who follow your rules and policies. You are playing God with people, victimizing vulnerable but yet courageous employees. Imposing your will without any compensation to your fallen soldiers of your own Cov-war. Give proper protection to your fallen soldiers, those the vaccine injured. They should not be treated as invisible collateral damages, especially when you were the one who coerced them to the injection the first place. Isn’t it a shame that many lost everything and have no recourse? Is this fair and becoming of a democratic society you are meant to protect? What will happen when you lose the trust of your people? Because it will happen. You will lose it all.

Doctors! Do your job! Treat your patients with care and compassion regardless of their inoculation status. Leave politics to the politicians. Your loyalty lies with your patient. Be humble enough to admit your limits when your knowledge is limited. Remember and respect your Hippocratic oat, medical ethics. You should be the gatekeeper of your patients dignity, not the gatekeeper of senseless policies and rules.

People! You can put an end to the divide. You can unite and resume to doing your specific job! Radio talk show hosts, resume and limit yourself on sending music. Actors, limit yourself on providing great entertaining movies. People, stop enticing your friend, your family, your consumers, your clients, your employee to take the jab when you don’t know much more than the regular person. If you are not a scientist in the field of genetics, molecular biology, immunology, virology, epidemiology, life science, you cannot voice your opinion as an expert in the matter of the Cov-vaccination. You absolutely cannot be a cov-vaccination cheerleaders. Educate yourself on the matter and share your knowledge if it comes from unbiased reliable sources. Speak up in the face of altering the reality of things! What if your silence or your vigilantism is making you criminally accomplice to crimes against humanity? 

All of you, find your truth. Go only by the truth. The endgame is not yours to decide on; those of you who are letting go of the truth to protect establishment, entity, theories, or Cov-vaccines are wrong. Regardless of the consequences, the only thing that needs protection is the Truth.

We must comply to a new powerful triad: Compassion-Unity-Truth. CUT. Only this shall set us free… all of us.


Think about it

Can you prevent these to happen again and again?

Death and hospitalization associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection are regularly displayed in regular mass media, regardless how rare the specific situation is. Without any contextualization. On the other hand, Cov-vaccine injuries and death are treated quite differently, as if they were inexistent. They are gaslighted, swept under a rug, hidden in plain sight.

As the plan is now to cov-vaccinate the 5-12 year old’s, it is more than time to expose to the public eye the cov-vaccination reality no matter how bad it may be, for the sake of these innocent children. Mothers, fathers, aunties, grannies and gran-pas, it it time to protect the precious children in your life. Denial and lies will deny them their lives.

Think about why are we cov-vaccinating children?

To think about it some more