COVID-19 is an infectious disease with serious consequences. Since its first appearance, it has claimed 3.5 M lives around the world and pushed governments to implement measures that shattered our ways of living. Fourteen months into this modern day pandemic, we have witnessed courageous, selfless actions as well as incomprehensible reprehensible and irresponsible behaviors from governments and individuals alike.

Many became hooked on the daily news which became, for some, the only window to the outside world. All hoping that once the crisis is over, the world would be a better place, having gone through such difficult and trying times. The advances in terms of vaccines gave us all hope that the end of this nightmarish reality is around the corner. Quite surprisingly and unfortunately, with this hope came despair when faced with the polarization brought by the vaccine rollout around the world. Polarization rose around one topic ; to take or not to take the vaccine i.e. the safety of the new generation of the Cov-vaccines. Vaccine hesitancy must not be brushed off by anyone. One must not associate old school anti-vaxxers plagued by vaccine hesitancy (most times based on personal adverse experience) with the current Cov-vaccine hesitancy. Where one is mostly associated with individuals perceived as eccentric,  denying all vaccines, even those that have stood the test of time, the latter is reflection of a legitimate concern, or a “gut feeling “, a survival instinct, faced by many who feel uncomfortable with the information brought forward for vaccine candidates never previously attempted in human arms.

The regular Jane or John is confronted with the task of making the right decision according to her/ his specific medical situation. How can they access and understand real pertinent information when all that seems to be easily accessible is on the ” need to know ” basis? How can he/ she properly process the information while being gripped by anxiety, fear and exhaustion? Furthermore, their current basic scientific knowledge will realistically not suffice. Should instincts, or gut feelings be trusted? How does fear play into the decision? Who should be trusted? The government? The media? The GP, health professionals or a best friend?

Without going deeper into philosophical debates about conflict of interest, frenzy of unprecedented times, and personal biases, all of which can unfortunately take hold of anyone, the message is ” God only really knows” what is behind anyone else’s position or thought process. Therefore, besides Him, the only person who truly only has Jane and John’s interest at heart is …Jane and John. Which is the case for each one of us. But, most probably in this particular crossroad, neither Jane nor John are equipped to make an informed decision without any guidance.

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