The process

Do you remember the last time you had to face a decision about a new job? You probably naturally applied the thought process of any decision making in order to take the best decision in this very personal matter. Deciding whether to be vaccinated with any of the current emergency approved covid-19  vaccines is no small task and the same decision making process must be deployed. 

You need to realize that this course is a process. As such, it requires time. You need to set aside the necessary time for its success. If you are seriously embarking in this process, expect at least one week, with moments specifically dedicated for it,  to its completion.

Hopefully,  this will help you make the right choice for you. One can understand that, in order to make a choice between two elements, both elements need to be properly presented. Therefore, bear in mind that in some instances, it will look more of a non-Covvax perspective, but only because this view and related concerns are currently non-existent in the mainstream media or information. You may also come to understand that your choice may not be the best choice for someone else and this is to be respected, more than anything.

You are probably wondering who is behind this course. The people behind this process are kept anonymous knowingly: so you don’t trust credentials, names or titles. This process is meant for you to be critical, skeptical, but open minded, to verify, to look for truth at the source. We have been programmed to trust experts blindly, and to forget that, when it comes to our own bodies, we are the experts. You need to learn how to become knowledgeable in everything that impacts your mind-spirit-body balance. Now is the time to gain your expertise and to stand by it.